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Sandra Hagelstam wears selfridges max mara madame coat
Sandra Hagelstam wears Selfridges max mara camel coat
Sandra Hagelstam in Selfridges women's designer coat by max mara
Selfridges max mara wrap max mara designer coat worn by Sandra Hagelstam 5 inch and up

‘Price-per-wear’ and other brilliant excuses to shop

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As we welcome sweater-weather and rightfully move into (everyone favourite) the coat season, I found myself eagerly pulling out some trusty coats from my winter wardrobe (which I wish was as seasonally organised as I make it sound). As I was hit by mountains of wool coats, capes and jackets, I could not help but to unadmire the many shades of black that I had seemed to gather so proudly over the years. It’s no secret that I am a lover of all things dramatic and I thrive on sourcing those wonderfully oversized, floor-sweeping dark capes. However, this is a hobby that has not only cost me the actual price of the coats, the lack of space and many broken hangers, but also a partial blindness for classics that I wish would have acquired years ago.

Time to rethink the coat approach and look beyond masculine, black coats that swallow me whole. Cue Max Mara. A brand that set new standards to what women’s designer coats should be and who is single-handedly responsible for my intense affection for all things camel coloured (aka. tan but for some reason, ‘camel’ rolls of the tongue better and represents all things mature). This is the story of how I came across the Max Mara Madame coat, a piece to turn to when you have everything but you’re still looking, a piece that is likely to have your CPW (cost-per-wear) dip so low that you are practically earning every time to wear it. Worn open or closed, belted or not, as the name suggests you become a ma'am, that with an added polo neck sweater, lets you get away with things like over-the-knee patent boots in broad daylight.

Looking back, there has been a number of Max Mara coats that’s shaped our demand for outerwear. Remember the teddy? A style that continues to be the most copied coat yet. I would lie if I told you that I had not fallen for a few seasonal look-a-likes, only to realise that I will not be satisfied until I get the real deal. Chances are around 100% that I’ll end up back at Selfridges, eager to talk myself into another reasonable and totally legitimate CPW story, any time soon.

Selfridges cashmere wool designer coat worn by 5 inch and up
Selfridges maxmara cashmere max mara jacket worn by Sandra Hagelstam 5 inch and up
Selfridges max mara belted tan coat worn by Sandra Hagelstam 5 inch and up
Sandra Hagelstam 5 inch and up Max Mara camel long coat Selfridges
Sandra Hagelstam 5 inch and up selfridges wrap coat
Selfridges max mara madame coat by 5 inch and up
Selfridges women's designer max mara cashmere camel belted coat by 5 inch and up

Max Mara Madame coat | Arket top | Saint Laurent trousers | Gianvito Rossi boots | Celine bag | Bjorg ring | Jane Koenig earrings

Photos by Mikko Puttonen