5 inch and up is an inclusive shoe community that celebrates the beauty of shoes and believes
in making considered purchases that last.

We educate you on what to buy, where to buy and which shoes are worth your money. This is a fun but fact based site that bring you extensive reviews, news, interviews and how-to’s, while we edit down the weekly shoe drops for you, our beloved, fellow shoe obsessed. We are unapologetic for our love for shoes, and so should you be. Enjoy.







I founded 5 inch and up (the old school blog) in early in 2010, after I had moved from Finland to London to pursue a career in fashion. As an ambitious fashion design student at LCF, little did I know that I had embarked on a journey where my little side hobby that would propel me into a career in social media. B.IG (before Instagram) the field of bloggers were narrow and before I knew it, my love for shoes had opened up an opportunity to really bask in this topic. But as the industry changed, so did the opportunities to widen my horizon to other fields within fashion and beauty.

Growing up in the era of the influencers where Instagram had largely taken over the field, I started to question what I was really offering my readers. After a decade in the industry, I surely had more to offer than the occasional snippet of my daily life on the gram?

Shoes and especially heels were always the passion (btw, where the name comes from, in case you had other ideas) so I set out to create something new. I wanted to build a community that is inclusive, informative, fun but fact based, after all – who doesn’t love shoes? A handbag does not need to be comfortable and clothing doesn’t hold the same value like the shoes that has taken you to new places. The stakes, heels and expectations are high, but after all, there are more serious things to worry about than trending heel heights.

So we took care of this for you.

To kick off the new decade 2020, 5 inch and up was reborn into a shoe universe where we focus on making our readers shoe experts. After all, the more you know, the better choices you can make. We are on a mighty mission to create a platform that celebrates shoes and the women in them (and to remove your frustration of figuring out if those Pigalle’s run true to size or not).

– Sandra Hagelstam