The Return Of The Heel

2nd May 2021


Pack away the slippers and say hello to your old friends. Heels are back. Here are some of the best.

amina muaddi begum plastic
amina muaddi begum clear pumps

The ultimate comeback heels ‘Begum’ by Amina Muaddi.

Over the past year, the popularity of high heels has definitely diminished, much to our chagrin. Sometime around the 50000th Zoom quiz, it began to feel like we’d never have an occasion (or the will) to wear them again. But as much as we’ve embraced rubber-soled boots and chunky trainers in the last 12 months, high heels are making a comeback. Not even a global pandemic can put us off our Jimmy Choos. Frivolous as it sounds, towering stilettoes, glittering sandals, and playful platforms are the instant mood boost we’re craving this season. Shake off the at-home wardrobe block and step into the world with Amina Muaddi, Bottega Veneta and more. 

Wave goodbye to the real world. This spring, embrace the princess vibes with fantasy heels dripping in crystals. These shoes look as though they’ve stepped straight out of a story book. Who needs Prince Charming when you’ve got glittering pumps and PVC sandals by Amina Muaddi, Magda Butrym and Mach and Mach? A much-needed break from reality. 


After months in New Balance, we’re getting high on heels with heavy chain straps and delicate metalwork details. Few do it better than Bottega Veneta, and we’re seriously taken with off the chain styles by Stella McCartney and Saint Laurent. 


Think Baby Spice but make it fashion. Barbie, but make it chic. If our love of ‘90s style could be summed up in a single shoe, it would be Nodaleto’s baby pink Mary Janes. Or Prada’s satin platforms. Or Bottega Veneta’s coveted mules. OK, we can’t choose. Whatever, it’s time to spice up your life this season with a ‘90s-inspired upgrade. Girl power. 


How better to give lockdown a kiss goodbye than with shoes that are here to slay? Gothic and sophisticated, Amina Muaddi’s stud’s and Gianvito Rossi’s lace-up heels are the antithesis of cosy, and all the better for it. Look to Versace for punk-goth signature safety pins and Alexander McQueen for gilded spikes. Welcome to the dark side. 


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