My honey spots

During the past weeks I’ve been dropping a few recommendations on Instagram which has been part of a little project I’ve been working on in collaboration with the new Honey Marc Jacobs perfume. It was such a great opportunity to share with you a few of my favorite spots in Finland!

Summering it up in a sweet six was not easy, but my favorite places included: Finnish designer Minna Parikka’s adorable shoe boutique in Helsinki. Restaurant Sinne in Porvoo that serves local Finnish food with a contemporary touch, located just a walk away from the peaceful old town. Fantastic restaurants Gaijin and Boulevard Social in Helsinki, as well as the visit worthy traditional Fazer cafe on Kluuvikatu for an afternoon of coffee and cake. Last but not least I had to pay tribute to our beautiful country side, which I’m sure you’ve gotten familiar with through my blog…

The perfume in question which is dominated by sweet honeysuckle has some woodsy undertones too, which makes it the perfect late summer fragrance. The Marc Jacobs team is asking everyone to get involved in the hash tagging action, so visit the site to participate with your favorite #MJHONEYSPOTS.
photos by me and Steffi