Never too dressed up for Paris

It felt almost like I was strolling down the streets of southern France when we took these photos in the middle of busy Paris, god this city is amorous, carrying its romantic reputation for a reason. This jumpsuit (or anything that Mr. Self-portrait produces) is both literally and aesthetically everything, to put it lightly. It has been an ideal end of fashion week month ‘I’m-out-of-outfits’ savior. It has it all: A tailored-like fit, lace, culottes with a deep cool blue hue, not to mention the sex factor, all rolled into something that slips on you with just a zipper, leaving spectators admiring your well put together styling, when the truth is you only need the one garment to pull off the look. That is how I would best describe Self-Portrait, without a doubt the most discusses, worn and adored name in the bizz today.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen