Camille Charrière Talks Aeyde Shoe Capsule

2nd December 2020


The French digital creator, journalist and podcaster has designed a capsule collection with Aeyde, that’s all about forever pieces and slow fashion. 

camille charriere aeyde
Camille Charrière debuting her three piece collection for Aeyde.
AEYEDE loafers
Camille in the ‘Gwyneth’ loafers. Images courtesy of Aeyde.

Camille Charrière is giving the brand-influencer collaboration a new, refreshing spin. The London-based creative – who is known for her widely followed Instagram account, Fashion No Filter podcast and flair for effortless, Parisian-inspired fashion – has joined forces with shoe label Aeyde to create a three-piece shoe capsule that’s all about modern, timeless footwear, designed to be kept in your wardrobes for years to come. 

The collection features a black-and-white loafer with a subtle square toe; a block-heeled boot in a delicious cream leather; and a sleek reimagining of the cowboy boot done in black leather with contrasting white elasticated panels. 

Nothing was designed with ephemeral trends or photo-ops in mind. The idea for Charrière, who is a big sustainability advocate and has often addressed the issue of over-consumption in the fashion industry, was to fulfil practical wardrobe needs and shine the spotlight on a brand that stands for season-less, quality design. 

We all know that consuming is problematic, so these shoes were designed for girls who feel like they have something missing in their wardrobes. I would only encourage people to shop for things that they need,” said Charrière. “This is why I chose shoe styles that I thought could stand the test of time, that weren’t so wacky or fashion-forward that I would not want to use them myself in the next few years.”

Charrière has been buying Aeyde boots for her own wardrobe for over three years now, after discovering the brand online and resonating with its ethos of offering pieces that are timeless yet with a fashion twist. 

“When I came across the brand on Instagram, I followed them and ordered something from them, which is quite rare for me these days. I tend to not buy so much anymore. So I was keen to put my mark on a brand that not only do I spend my money on, but I’m very comfortable with promoting for their design approach,” she explained. 

aaeyde white boots
The ‘Camille’ boots in white. Images courtesy of Aeyde.

If something’s comfortable you’re going to use it. The more used it gets the better it’s going to look.

To ensure the shoes have longevity, Charriere also put a big emphasis on the comfort factor. 

“If something’s comfortable you’re going to use it. The more used it gets the better it’s going to look. That’s my ethos anyway: I always think the people who are the best dressed are the people with clothes that have been lived in,” she added. “I run around a lot normally and I don’t want to be in a shoe that is restrictive or makes my feet ache after 20 minutes. I really pride myself in choosing comfort over fashion.” 

Achieving the perfect construction was no mean feat, considering that the entire collection was designed via Zoom, as the Covid outbreak forced any plans for Charrière and the Aeyde team to meet in person and visit the brand’s factories, to a halt. 

“We joked that Zoom was the surrogate mother. But it wasn’t easy: I don’t consider myself a designer, shoes in particular are very tricky to get right and we had to spend a lot of time exchanging ideas, moodboards and images.”

The silver lining of working exclusively via Zoom was that the collection was produced with a much lower carbon footprint, so Charrière decided to take things a step further with another conscious choice: Shooting the collection’s campaign at home with pieces that were already in her wardrobe, including vintage Levis denim and some more fashion-forward favourites from sustainable labels like Marine Serre and Marcia. 

“I just wanted to support the labels that I know do such a good job in trying to pave the way for better production,” she said. 

Prices for the collection range between 295 euros for the loafers and 445 euros for the cowboy boots. They are available to purchase on Aeyde’s site now