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Christian Louboutin Brings Loubi World to Gaming 

7th October 2020


You can now discover the brand’s new spring 2021 collection through the Korean gaming app Zepeto. 

LOUBOUTIN zepeto game
Christian Louboutin’s own avatar in his virtual boutique. Image courtesy of the brand.

Social distancing restrictions might have cast a grey cloud over Paris Fashion Week this season, but Christian Louboutin kept his spirits up by taking a plunge in the worlds of augmented reality and gaming. 

The famous shoe designer responded to the current climate with a creative solution: He translated his glamorous, all-red Loubi World in a virtual universe, replacing his usual physical presentations with a digital and interactive show, held on the Korean gaming app Zepeto. 

A firm believer that games are not just for children, this was a very apt opportunity for Mr. Louboutin to get his customers to let a little loose. 

The way the game works is straight-forward – no complicated rules, just a lot of fun fashion, red soles and everybody wins at the end. You are first asked to create and style your own avatar, with everything from pink ponytails, punk head-to-toe looks or frilly dresses to choose from. You can then virtually join Louboutin for a tour around his favorite spots in Paris: You get to sit at a quintessentially Parisian terrace with views of the Eiffel tower, dance at the Loubi disco, visit the Galerie Véro-Dodat where the brand’s first ever boutique was opened and view the brand’s new spring 2021 collection at its newly opened boutique on Rue Saint-Honoré, designed on the app as an exact replica of the physical space in Paris. 

The Parisian terrace in Loubi World. Image courtesy of Christian Louboutin.

What’s even better is that, unlike traditional presentations where you usually just get to look at the new collections, your avatar can try everything on: And there’s plenty to take in, from raffia sandals, to a pair of bold lime green ballet flats, fringe white boots with a strong Seventies flair, tie-dye slippers and a new ‘Vida Viva’ sneaker style with detachable soles. 

The designer also made a point that gender barriers don’t exist in this virtual Loubi World, with all avatars being able to try on both the men’s and women’s collections. 

While trying on the spring 2021 range at the new boutique or riding the carousel at the designer’s favorite terrace, you can also interact with Louboutin’s own avatar, take selfies and share them across all social platforms – probably the closest you’ll get to the designer this year, with social distancing still in place. 

The experience is available as of this week and through 2021, when you download Zepeto.