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Christian Louboutin Gets Creative with Denim for Upcycled Shoe Capsule 

24th February 2021


The six-piece collection is launching as part of Selfridges’ Project Earth. 

Louboutin denim boots

The loved ‘So Kate 100’ boots were part of the exclusive capsule collection. Images courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Upcycled clothing has been entering the mainstream in the past year, with big players like Chanel and Prada joining all the young talent who have been making the case for designing with second-hand – better known as deadstock or upcycled – fabrics, instead of buying new ones. 

But upcycled shoes are still a new frontier – until now. Christian Louboutin is among the first footwear designers to take on the challenge of producing upcycled shoes, with a new capsule that features deadstock-only fabrics. 

He joined forces with the global charity Caritas International, which sourced upcycled denim fabrics for his new collection. The designer then patched the denim onto signature Louboutin shapes including pointed toe ‘So Kate’ heels, ankle boots and lace-up sneakers. It made for a fresh, modern spin on the brand’s beloved classics. 

Working with deadstock means that there’s only a limited quantity of each fabric, so mass production is not an option and no shoe is exactly the same: The main concept is working with what you have instead of buying rolls of new fabric, so each pair might feature a different shade or texture of denim, making them unique. 

The six-piece collection has launched exclusively at Selfridges, as part of its ongoing Project Earth, through which the retailer is addressing the fashion industry’s contribution to environmental damage and encouraging shoppers and industry insiders alike to work together to improve our consumption habits and create less waste. 


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