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Ferragamo Debuts ‘Shoemaker of Dreams’ Podcast

1st September 2020


Jessica Alba, Tamu McPherson, Sinéad Burke and Stanley Tucci, among others narrate the story of Salvatore Ferragamo in this new podcast series. 


Ferragamo’s ‘Shoemaker of Dreams’ podcast is read by familiar names like Sinéad Burke and Stanley Tucci. Images courtesy of Ferragamo.

Italian heritage house Ferragamo is looking to honor its  own heritage with its latest project: A new podcast series called ‘Shoemaker of Dreams.’

The 22-episode series tells the journey of the house’s late founder Salvatore Ferragamo from his early life in Bonito – an Italian community of poor farmers and trandes men, where there was “no future for the ambitious” – to becoming a shoe apprentice and later founding a footwear powerhouse. 

The series is based on a memoir that was first recorded by Ferragamo himself in 1957 and then transcribed into a book. 

This time, it’s reimagined for 2020 in podcast form, with each episode narrated by some of the house’s famous friends, including renown fashion editors like Suzy Menkes and The Financial Times’ Jo Ellison, to Hollywood superstars Stanley Tucci and Jessica Alba, digital content creator Tamu McPherson and activist Sinéad Burke. 

The founder’s daughter Giovanna Gentile Ferragamo starts off the series by reading the introduction to her father’s memoir where, in his humorous and ever-so-humble manner, he urges readers to focus on the art of shoes rather than his own life story, when reading his autobiography. 

“This book is mainly about feet, if your feet are good it will teach you how to preserve them. If your feet are bad, it will tell you why and help save you from further agony. In my life I have found that nature provides us with good feet, if your feet are bad it’s because your shoes are bad. We can all walk happily […] that has been my life’s work: Striving to make shoes that always fit and refusing to put my name on anything that didn’t fit,” reads Gentile Ferragamo. “The least important part of this book is the life story of an Italian shoe maker. So please look behind the story of the small, barefoot, illiterate boy who became a famous shoe maker and seek the pleasure you’ll obtain from walking well.”

The podcast comes ahead of the release of a documentary on Ferragamo’s life and work on September 6. It was shot by the famous Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, who has also shot a soon-to-be-released campaign for the Italian label. 

The famous shoemaker’s autobiography will also be republished with a new cover to mark the occasion.