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20th November 2021


The new brand stands out for its striking mirror heels and sexy, barely-there silhouettes. 

Arielle baron shoes
Arielle baron shoes

Arielle Baron’s architectural, mirror heels create an illusion of barely there heels. Images courtesy of @arielle.baron.

There’s a new rising star in the shoe scene: the up-and-coming designer Arielle Baron. 

Baron, who is the daughter of famed art director Fabien Baron, has creativity running in her blood. She spent her earlier years studying at Parsons School of Design, working for the likes of Balenciaga and Lanvin, and helping to launch the Instagram-famous brand Miaou. 

In 2020 she set out to create her own namesake shoe label with business partner Eric Best, but her plans were abruptly disrupted by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet Baron persevered through this dark period and is now back and ready to introduce her brand to the post-lockdown world. 

“Although we faced major setbacks… we made it. When I think of the reason why I began this footwear odyssey, I always return to the same sentiment: Designing what I like is creatively fulfilling, but designing something that makes others feel good? That’s the best,” she wrote on her Instagram, announcing the brand’s debut. 

Major retailers have already given the brand their stamp of approval, including Miami’s The Kingdom boutique, Fwrd and Moda Operandi. Team Moda said they were drawn to Baron’s artful designs of “super sexy, barely-there heels set for any occasion.”

Indeed there’s something both sexy and versatile about Baron’s new designs, which feature lace-up sandals, slingbacks and a signature ‘Phantom’ mirrored heel, designed to reflect the surface under the shoes. 

Prices for the debut collection range from $695 to $795. 

It took Baron over a year of intensive development to create the futuristic design – many manufacturers simply called it “impossible” at first – and achieve her vision of shoes that are “natural extensions of the body.” Her background in graphic design and flair for architectural silhouettes also comes into play here, from the smooth curves of the sandal straps to the sharp geometric shapes of the hardware and rich textures. 

The brand’s new Instagram platform is a feast for the eyes too, filled with saturated colors and arty imagery that will liven up your feed.