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11th December 2021


This young Italian label, by an Aquazzura alumnus, marries hand-craft with feminine, one-of-a-kind designs and a deep commitment to sustainability. 

arteana boots
arteana glitter mules

Italian glamour in the form of lace boots and glitter mules. Images courtesy of @arteana_offical.

Any shoe lover is well aware that Italy is the Mecca of footwear making, with some of the best design talent and the world’s top craftsmen located across the country. 

Arteana is a new Italian label, worth following and getting to know, because it embodies all those values of excellence. 

Founded by Veselina Chebanova, an Aquazzura alumnus, the brand is quickly making a name for itself for its handmade shoes, feminine designs and top-of-the-range quality. 

Some of the brand’s most popular styles include mules featuring crocheted panels, knitted by hand and requiring up to 6 hours of work to complete each pair. The commitment to handcraft and using small artisanal factories across Italy means that Arteana shoes also make for a sustainable purchasing choice: Chebanova also makes sure to use certified materials, including premium organic cotton; produces more than half of the brand’s shoes on a made-to-order basis to eliminate the chances of having leftover stock; and carefully tracks the brand’s environmental footprint. 

As for the aesthetic of the brand, it’s all about La Dolce Vita and Italian glamour. Think glitter boots, sock boots embellished with floral embroideries; and crocheted straps featuring joyful daisy motifs. What’s even better is that the brand’s range is wide: you can choose anything from a pair of evening pumps to summer slides or the coziest shearling-trimmed slippers for the winter holidays. 

You can get a closer look on the brand’s Instagram feed – definitely worth a follow – where the Arteana universe comes alive and the shoes are presented against luxurious interiors and pictures of masterfully crafted suede boots are mixed in with dreamy imagery from across Italy, from the cathedrals of Ischia to the canals of Venice. 

Prices for the shoes range from $350 to $1,100 and they are available to shop on the brand’s website as well as retailers like Illum, Neiman Marcus, Level Shoes and Harvey Nichols.