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29th October 2021


The Amsterdam-based brand is quickly becoming the new name to know in the shoe world with fans including everyone from Beyoncé to Kylie Jenner. 

bakovic studio
bakovic studio Kylie jenner

Architectural mules by Bakovic Studio, Kylie Jenner is already a fan. Images courtesy of @bakovicstudio.

Marko Bakovic is the next name to know in the shoe world. The Amsterdam-based designer is a recent graduate from London College of Fashion and he has spent the last few years collaborating with fellow young creatives including some of the most buzzy names in the London fashion scene, ranging from Charles Jeffrey, to Stefan Cooke and Charlotte Knowles, one of Bella Hadid and Beyoncé’s favourite new labels. Behind-the-scenes Bakovic has also been creating bespoke shoes for some of the world’s most famous performers, Beyoncé included. 

This initial focus on collaboration and bespoke design helped the designer experiment with new ideas and feed off the creativity of his fellow designers, before taking the leap to go at it on his own. In the last year however, he gathered all the knowledge he gained by working with some of the industry’s best and debuted Studio Bakovic. 

He’s already off to a strong start: He translated the edgy designs and unconventional silhouettes that defined some of his earlier work to his new collections for Studio Bakovic. The shoes stand out for their curved, futuristic heels; sharp lines; and play with androgyny. Think mannish, square-framed loafers made more feminine with block heels, or pumps featuring the front of a sneaker. 

Bakovic’s goal was to meld handcrafted elements with more linear, machine-made characteristics. He is also putting sustainability at the top of his agenda, by sourcing a lot of old or faulty stock to create his shoes from instead of buying new materials. 

“I like to see my studio as a test-bed for responsibly produced footwear and as a reserch process project on how sustainable technologie developed on a micro scale can be implemented on a macro scale,” said the designer. 

His plan is to continue collaborating with other designers, while developing his own collections – targeted for fierce women or “shapeshifting chameloeons” as he calls them. In the last week, momentum around the brand kept growing when Kylie Jenner stepped out in Bakovic’s strappy black Ellipse mules – and it seems like he is only just getting started.