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27th November 2020


The young label is all about bringing sustainability, great design and romance all together.  

charlotha ray shoes

Get lost in Charlota Ray’s designs (and dreamy IG feed) Images courtesy of @carlotha_ray

Our latest brand discovery comes in the name of Carlotha Ray, an up-and-coming sustainable shoe label that’s well worth our support and attention.  

The brand was founded by Mariela Shwarz Montiel at the beginning of this year, with the aim of celebrating nature, great design and sustainability all at once, with its line of romantic slippers and flip flops. 

A mere glance at the label’s Instagram feed, which is full of calming pastel hues and gorgeous natural landscapes, will give you a taste of the poetic, grounding world Montiel wants to inspire with her designs. 

As for the brand’s sustainability claims, there’s no green-washing here: Every claim is backed with evidence and the brand has already been making impressive commitments to Italy’s shoemaking communities and to sustainable material innovations. For instance, it uses compostable rubber for its charming, filigree-trimmed flop flops, as well as natural dyes obtained from mint, eggs, artichokes, pomegranates, peppers or plant oils. 

The satin on its signature slippers – wonderfully feminine frilly pieces that can equally work as your wfh go-to and as a spring staple further down the line – is made using a new generation satin fabric called Newlife, which is fully traceable and produced in a way that can save up to 90 percent water when compared to the traditional production of synthetic fabrics. 

The brand’s feminine charm and sustainable values have helped it quickly gain the industry’s respect. It’s already stocked at some of the most famous stores in the world, from Selfridges in London to Le Bon Marché in Paris and Matches Fashion online. 

And Montiel isn’t stopping anytime soon, as she is committed to continue researching and investing in new sustainable materials and is also working with luxury hotels, in order to start providing them with more sustainable slippers for guests. Her ultimate aim? Fully compostable shoes. 


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