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21st January 2022


The French footwear label marries a commitment to craft with a modernist design sensibility. 

clergerie boots

Chunky-soled sandals; Derby loafers; block-heel boots; and graphic platform heels are some of the current best sellers. Images courtesy of @clergerie.

French footwear label Clergerie is a company with rich heritage, yet it also embraces a very current attitude: Its mannish loafers, chunky split soles, and raffia sneakers can easily fit into women’s busy, modern-day lifestyles and turn into the ultimate everyday staples. 

Robert Clergerie, who founded the brand in 1978, was a revolutionary in his time, becoming known as one of the first shoemakers to offer men’s footwear for women and empower his female clients with shoes they could move freely in. He reimagined workers’ shoes for women and constructed them at the highest quality, having developed a passion for craftsmanship and spent over a decade learning the art of shoemaking in Romans-sur-Isere, also known as the heart of shoemaking in France. He also went on to buy his own manufacturing site in the same region which allowed him to control the production process from beginning to end and upkeep the highest standards for his brand. 

Today, the brand still runs its own factory in France’s Romans region, employing over 60 artisans in its atelier team and helping keep handcraft alive. The atelier spans four different workshops, including cutting, stitching, assembly, and finishing. All different sectors of the atelier come together to create quality products that have been touched by the human hand, not just machines, and can withstand the test of time. 

With designer David Tourniaire-Beauciel at the company’s creative helm, the brand has also continued to be known for standout, modernist designs that are constantly exploring the contrast between masculine and feminine. 

Chunky-soled sandals; Derby loafers; block-heel boots; and graphic platform heels are some of the current best sellers, appealing to stylish women who value comfort as much as style and have a trained eye for craft and timeless design. 

Among them is designer Sofia Sanchez de Betak, who recently collaborated with the brand adding her flair for vibrant patterns on classic Clergerie sandals and loafers. 

Prices range from 265 pounds for a pair of sandals to 745 pounds for a pair of thigh-high boots and you can shop the range on retailers like Farfetch.