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24th April 2020


Ghazal is the new name to know in the shoe world, founder by French-Moroccan designer Houda Gianasso. 


Our latest designer to know and follow is Ghazal, a newcomer in the shoe world that was founded by the French-Moroccan designer Houda Gianasso just last year. Gianasso, like many emerging designers these days, laid sustainable foundations for her brand from the get-go: She chose to put craftsmanship first and works with world-class artisans in Florence, Italy to produce her footwear collections. She also favors classic silhouettes over fleeting trends, with bi-color T-bar pumps, romantic jewel-encrusted mules and boots featuring mixed materials like buttery leather and soft suede, amongst the designs that quickly stood out.

There’s a sense of understated elegance and old school refinement in the shoes – and as we re-assess our consumption habits and veer towards more timeless pieces, the label’s slow fashion approach is surely going to gain relevance and popularity in the industry.

The brand also stands out on social media. Apart from the usual shoe close-ups or the images of the brand’s stylish friends – which range from influencer Camille Charriere, to model and sustainability advocate Arizona Muse and actress Olivia Coleman – Ghazal’s Instagram feed is filled with dreamy, retro images, from Slim Aarons shots from the Seventies to portraits of a young Elizabeth Taylor, colourful interiors and striking natural landscapes galore. It allows you to immerse yourself in the world of art and design that inspired the shoes in the first place and it captures the sense of nostalgia taking over the virtual landscape lately, as everyone craves to escape to a brighter, more optimistic place. 

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