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15th May 2020


Ambrosio’s account offers sneak peaks of the latest Attico shoe hits, mixed in with Jordan sneakers, dad sandals worn with socks and plenty of attitude. 




If you like bold, experimental style and all things fashion, Gilda Ambrosio – the Italian influencer and co-founder of The Attico – should be your go-to on Instagram. 

Ambrosio started The Attico with fellow designer and influencer Giorgia Tordini a mere four years ago and what started as a small collection of silk wrap dresses, evolved into a maximalist, joyful world filled with vintage references, electric colors, feather dresses, animal print tops – and plenty of hits in the shoe department. 

What Ambrosio does on her Instagram account is bring a personal perspective to the brand’s journey, share her inspirations – including plenty of Ibiza sunsets, astrology readings and old-school photos of Cher – and show you how she pairs The Attico with other favorite labels, from Loewe to Valentino and Amina Muaddi. 

There’s plenty of great shoes to take in too: Think close-ups of the latest colors of the popular Attico ankle-tie pumps shot straight from Ambrosio’s desk, to Versace ‘Medusa’ stiletto sandals worn with basketball socks, dad sandals for a dose of at-home inspiration and plenty of chunky sneakers, like the Jumpman hi-tops Ambrosio and Tordini recently collaborated with Nike on. 

It’s an unapologetic approach to style where anything goes and rules are there to be broken. A great reminder to keep having fun with fashion – and pair your stilettos with socks if you feel like it.  


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