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7th May 2021


The brand, which has recently collaborated with Danish darling Cecilie Bahnsen, is the name to know for summer shoes with character. 

hereu shoes
hereu shoes

Fisherman sandals and effortless flats is what Hereu does best. Images via @hereu_

As we move into spring-summer and look to store away our boots and sneakers in favour of warm weather shoes, Hereu is the name to add to your radar. 

This is not your average sandal brand – far from it. The label, whose story is rooted in the Mediterranean lifestyle, offers summer shoes but not as you know them: Think loafers with cutouts on the side, mannish fisherman sandals for both men and women and ballet flats given a cool, modern-day take, with sharp square toes and scrunchy leather. Feminine and masculine elements come together seamlessly in Hereu collections, with fisherman sandals given feminine touches in the form of pastel hues or funky padded straps and traditionally girly shoes like ballet flats toughened up with modernist lines and neutral tones. 

It’s a reflection of designers José Luis Bartolomé and Albert Escriban’s multicultural worldview, having lived and worked in fashion capitals like London and Paris and grown up in the Mediterranean. 

The duo also knows a thing or two about how to make a statement and have been adding some daring, fashion-forward pieces to the mix lately, like crochet slip-on pumps in bright orange shades or flip flops featuring voluminous scrunched-up leather straps. 

The good thing is that those shoes feel and look as good in real life as they do on Instagram. The designers have put craftsmanship at the core of the brand from the beginning and produce all their shoes in Spain in local, artisanal factories. 

“We set out to engage with local artisans, rediscovering craft traditions and using them to express our distinctive take on the region’s enduring heritage,” they said. 

The close ties they keep to Spain also ensure that the carefree Mediterranean spirit is always alive in their work – as you’ll clearly see when scrolling through their Instagram feed, always punctuated by blue skies, seascapes and feel-good colours. 

Lately, Hereu has also been catching the attention of other fellow designers and has been behind a number of buzzy collaborations, starting with a fall 2021 range created with the much-loved Danish designer Cecilie Bahnsen. 

Bahnsen, who is also a fan of subverting traditional feminine styles and contrasting them with tougher elements, has worked with the Hereu duo to add her touch on their signature ballet flats. She updated them by adding some of the couture fabrics from her dresses, from embroidered taffeta to a semi-sheer mesh and cotton fabric – resulting in some of the most delicate and utterly charming flats out there. 

Another collaboration with London-based label Studio Nicholson – known for its great wardrobe classics – is also in the works.