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9th October 2020


Meet the latest sustainable shoe name to watch from Italy. 

Iindaco sandals
Iindaco’s signature Ade sandals.
Iindaco shoes
@natalieoffduty wearing Iindaco shoes. Images via @iindacoofficial

It’s often hard to come by exciting new names in the shoe world: The business of making shoes is a costly and complicated one, so few young designers tend to take the plunge. 

Up-and-coming creatives Pamela Costantini and Domitilla Rapisardi are the exception, having recently founded Iindaco, a new Italian shoe label to watch. The brand is the product of a long friendship between the two young women and a compelling new vision: To propose “a new way of doing business in the shoe world.” That translated into a fully circular business model, using sustainable or deadstock fabrics, certified leathers, and heels made of recycled materials. 

Costantini and Rapisardi also believe that it’s no longer about wearing shoes by household names, but by fresh, young brands that have a story to tell. And theirs is all about adventure and pure fun: Inspired by the moment the sky turns indigo – hence the label’s name – women leave their routines and step into the night, their shoes are packed with attitude. Mules featuring bejewelled heels with fire motifs  are a particular highlight, as are square-toe pumps and lace-up boots. 

To answer to the times and our extra need for home comforts, they have also introduced padded flip flops in autumnal hues.

When we decided to create Iindaco, we wondered how to proceed and still stay as close to our vision as we could: That is how to create a beautiful, appealing luxury product that’s also intelligent and aware, like the women we target,” said the designers.

You can get to know them better over on their Instagram, that’s filled with close ups of their shoes, but also the art, pretty color palettes and powerful women that inspire their designs. Luisaviaroma is one of the first big retailers to take on the brand.


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