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26th February 2022


The Ukrainian label, known for its expertly crafted boots and classic pumps, is asking for support and solidarity from the global fashion community following the attack in its home of Ukraine. 

kachorovska sandals
kachorovska boots

The Kiev-based label is known for its modern take on wardrobe staples like party sandals, pumps and combat pumps. Images courtesy of @kachorovska_aterlier

Just as our lives looked like they were going back to normal and the fashion world got together to celebrate at fashion week we woke up to news that Ukraine was invaded by Russia. 

During such historical moments, you start questioning the point of luxury fashion. Does any of it even matter?

But creativity, design, and art are what unite people and even during the worst of times, can offer glimmers of hope. 

It’s why Ukrainian designers are staying vocal, participating at international fashion weeks if able to travel, and asking us to pay attention. 

We have been taking a closer look at Kiev-based label Kachorovska Atelier which is known for its modern take on wardrobe staples like combat boots, pumps, and Texan-inspired knee boots. 

After years of creating bespoke shoes, the brand released its own collection in 2015, honing in its expertise in the art of shoemaking to create pieces that are well-crafted, comfortable, and stylish. It’s been growing its clientele ever since, selling to shoe girls around the world via its website and building a local community at its store-cum-café in Kiev. 

Its embroidered cowboy booties and sleek pointed-toe pumps, offered in chic neutral hues, are some of the highlights in its mainline collections. 

As the invasion in Ukraine was announced the brand bravely spoke up calling for a show of strength and solidarity. “Despite everything, we stay focused and continue our lives. We need your support now more than ever. We call on the global community to continue communication with Ukraine at all possible levels,” said the brand in a statement published on Instagram.

So even if you’re feeling helpless at the scale of the issue, you can start by hitting follow on the brand’s page, engaging with its content, and purchasing products from its website which is still up-and-running.