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23rd April 2021


Take a look inside Europe’s top marketplace for trending sneakers.

nike dunk sneakers
nike yellow Jordan

Nike’s dunk and colourful high top’s are best sellers for Klekt. Images via @klekt.

The female sneaker scene is booming: All of a sudden we’re coming to realise that liking and collecting sneakers isn’t mutually exclusive with femininity – and you can get excited about a pair of Jordans as much as you do about the new Bottega raffia mules. 

That being said, it’s high time we all started adding some sneaker accounts on our feeds and learning the rules of the game. Klekt is a great place to start: This is one of Europe’s first marketplaces for trading sneakers and street wear, known for offering guaranteed authentication and one of the best and widest edits in the market. Think Jordans in every shade imaginable; the hyped-up Nike Dunks and new Yeezy 450 Cloud White; the full Adidas x Prada range; or tracksuits from street wear favorites like Palace and Supreme but also sought-after luxury collaborations like Gucci x North Face. 

Anyone can become a seller on the marketplace and given the overflow of new drops, the ability for expert sneakerheads to trade in styles they no longer want to hold onto is essential in creating a more circular economy and offering shoppers a more sustainable purchasing option too. The Klekt team makes a point that every sale goes through them first, to ensure each pair of sneakers is authenticated and no fakes crop up – but sometimes it also scores exclusives by partnering directly with the brands themselves. Recently it offered a series of Yeezy and Nike exclusives and an “Essentials” range by Fear of God. 

What’s even better is that the shoes are offered at reduced price points than in the primary market, they come as good as new and are available across a wide range of men’s and women’s sizes – tackling one of the biggest issues in the sneaker space, which is lack of size inclusivity for women. 

Their Instagram profile also features some of the women making a name for themselves in the sneaker scene, from our go-to Sally’s Sneakers to Evita Nicola, Nadia Idder and Carolina Mar. You also get to peak into some very impressive sneaker closets, learn about the latest launches and see what the 750k members of the Klekt community are shopping – anything from Comme des Garcons Converse to one-of-a-kind Jordans.