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3rd September 2021


One of the most prominent new names in the shoe business, Larroudé stands out for its feel good designs, sweet spot price points, and flair for comfort. 

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Larroudé’s statement shoes are often inspired by power women like Mariah Carey or Dolly Parton. Images courtesy of @larroude.

Larroudé is a new name in the shoe scene but its founder has poured in over two decades of top-level fashion industry experience and insights into all things trendy, desirable and good quality. 

The brand is the brainchild of Marina Larroude, a seasoned New York fashion director with high profile stints at the likes of, Teen Vogue and most recently Barneys, where she spent many years attending fashion shows, meeting designers and seeing luxury products up close. So if anyone knows good shoes, it’s her. 

Over the pandemic and over Zoom, she decided to switch gears and turn her inside knowledge into a footwear business, created together with her husband, financier and business operator Riccardo Larroudé. 

The result is one of the most prominent new names in the shoe game – the company is on track to sell 30,000 pairs of shoes in its first year. The reason for its success? A mix of feel-good designs, competitive price points and sustainable materials. 

A firm believer that “larroude shoes,” Larroudé makes bold statements with her shoe designs, which are often inspired by power women who love to stand out be it Mariah Carey or Dolly Parton: Think glossy pink mules, Clueless-inspired tartan booties, charming daisy prints in bright blue or lilac shades, and leopard print galore. You can’t help but smile or feel a jolt of optimism when you look at the shoes. 

To add to the joyful aesthetic, the brand also makes a point to produce its collections responsible at a factory in Brazil that meets all the requirements set by the International Labour Organization and takes control of properly disposing or recycling all the industry waste it generates. Shoes are also made using gold-certified leather from local tanneries and feature special foam cushioning – all in the spirit of making women’s lives easier and minimising the discomfort associated with traditional footwear.