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6th November 2020


The anonymous shoe account shares catwalk wonders from across the seasons and decades, shoes-cum-art-pieces and Q&A’s with everyone from Marc Jacobs to London’s buzziest young designer Matty Bovan. 

@larslala shoes
Image courtesy of @larslala

We all love to scour the latest Amina Muaddi drop and plan our next shoe purchases on Instagram. But there are other times, when it’s equally rewarding to escape time and the transactional nature of shopping and just appreciate creativity for creativity’s sake. 

That’s where @larslala comes in, an account dedicated to celebrating the art of shoes, with its feed – or so called #shoeniverse – doubling as one of the most exciting visual archives for footwear. 

With just a few scrolls you’ll discover treasures from across the seasons and decades, from Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Mohawk’ pumps from 2010 to Prada’s chandelier sandals from the same years, Margiela’s Tabi boots in every color and iteration you could wish for, or Christopher Kane’s mules featuring silicone panels that resemble cooling pads. 

What’s best is that it’s all delivered with the kind of humor and light-hearted attitude we could all use right now. 

“Christopher, help a sweetie out and send me these cooling pads so I can deal with hell on earth right now,” reads the caption under the aforementioned Christopher Kane mules. 

Apart from catwalk wonders, you’ll also spot some of the most out-there shoes-cum-art-pieces on the La La Shoes upbeat grid, including a 3D shoe sculpture by the artist  Davina India or even a wooden table by the sculptor Mario Philippona, whose legs are shaped like high-heeled pumps. 

Little is known about the anonymous owner behind the account, apart from the fact that he or she is a stylist, Central Saint Martins graduate and in touch with some of the most exciting names in the business from Marc Jacobs, to stylists Anna Trevelyan and Katie Grand and up-and-coming London designer Matty Bovan. 

That’s why in addition to the visual feast on the La La Shoes grid, you can also discover a series of stories featuring q&a’s with the account’s famous followers: Katie Grand recalls how she wore Azzedine Alaia heels to keep her awake and motivated throughout long styling sessions with Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton; Matty Bovan tells the story of the first time he wore heels and got drunk at a party, while Jacobs remembers his worst experience with high heels. 

“It was the Halloween I dressed up as Stacey the bodybuilder. I wore patent black peep toe Louboutins with an incredibly high pitch (and heel). I don’t remember ever being in so much pain by the end of an evening,” he shares. 

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