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8th May 2020


The under-the-radar boot brand you need to know about, designed by an anonymous creative collective in London. 



Legres launched quietly into the market in September 2019 and the story behind the brand remains a mystery of sorts: All we know is that it’s designed by a creative collective in London that has chosen to remain anonymous. 

In an era of designers turning into celebrities or social media sensations, it’s a novel approach to say the least – fashion hasn’t come across this type of anonymity since the heydays of Martin Margiela. 

The design trio, which is said to have backgrounds in architecture, public relations and product design, wanted to strip away all the fanfare and turn all the attention to their artisanal designs, mostly comprised of minimalist boot styles, and the high quality of the finished products, which are all made in Italy. And they succeeded: The brand’s range of boots and its commitment to “quiet confidence” quickly resonated with women looking for wardrobe mainstays like their sleek combat styles, Western ankle boots or classic knee-high boots, all featuring neutral hues and buttery soft leather or suede. 

Now that consumers around the world are reconsidering their spending habits, these type of minimalist, trend-less styles that can stay in your wardrobe for years are bound to gain even more relevance. 

The brand also makes a point to market itself quietly and ensure its products aren’t all over the market. There’s no e-commerce site, no Instagram ads or in-your-face marketing campaigns. You can find them in a few key online boutiques like Mytheresa and Matches Fashion and you can get a sneak peak into the designers’ world – a minimalist heaven – on the brand’s Instagram feed which features artistic shots of the boots, as well as black-and-white pictures galore of the modernist furniture, art and photography that gave birth to the brand. 


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