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27th March 2020


The London-based label stands out for its commitment to craftsmanship, use of unusual materials and flair for humour.


London-based footwear label Miista ticks a lot of boxes: Trendy designs, competitive price points and high comfort, as all its shoes are handmade in Spain and incorporate details like foam cushioning to ensure that you can spend day-to-night in them. 

You can watch videos of the production process on the label’s Instagram feed – from female craftswomen sewing woven leather styles to the heel making process – alongside colourful, feel-good close ups of popular styles like square-toe mules, woven pumps and platform boots. 

The label primarily stands out for its use of unexpected materials, like its recent debut of knee-high boots done in bright blue woven raffia, mules in stretchy woven fabrics and pumps featuring heels made out of recycled plastic bottles that made a powerful statement on plastic consumption. 

It’s also great at getting its community together and frequently hosts events and pop-up stores in fashion capitals like Paris, Copenhagen, London and New York. Now that everyone is navigating the Covid-19 crisis and self isolating, the brand has shifted to Instagram Live, to entertain its followers and provide a much-needed dose of optimism. Its latest gig: a live chat with @fancyshews, a shoe designer drag dancer and DJ to share tips on surviving a quarantine. Tune in for humour and shoes – undoubtedly a winning combination. 


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