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7th August 2020


This young footwear brand is all about bold shoes and a mischievous attitude. 

Nodaleto shoes



If you like to stand out from the crowds, you might like to follow – and wear – Nodaleto

The footwear brand, created by Julia Toledano and Olivier Leone, launched to market just over a year ago, but quickly became a firm favorite in fashion circles for its mischievous, individualistic attitude. 

Toledano and Leone have been marching to the beat of their own drum from the get-go, ignoring seasonal trends and working to create an aesthetic and a silhouette of their own: It comes in chunky square heels, platforms and plenty of bold colors from deep red, to lilac and “tangerine tango” which Toledano describes as the brand’s most “emblematic color.”
It all started off with a series of square-heeled Mary Janes, but ever since, the brand morphed its signature chunky heels into boots, moccasins, strappy summer sandals and more. 
The ultimate aim? To build a full wardrobe for the label’s stylish customers or ‘Nodalegirls’ and create shoes that are pretty enough to frame and comfortable enough to dance all night in. 

Beyond the shoes, Nodaleto’s universe is packed with feel-good visual inspiration, with Toledano and Leone getting creative teams together from across the world and presenting monthly campaigns on Instagram. Just like the shoes, their images stand out for their tongue-in-cheek attitude, cinematic quality and pops of bright color: You’ll find everything from a fun “Nodflix” video series where friends of the brand Camille Charriere and Leaf Greener talk about their Nodaleto shoes as if they were their lovers, to Nodaleto puzzles and custom-made rose-tinted filters. 

Most recently, the brand released a new summer campaign featuring a series of David Hockney-inspired images shot by a sunny pool and featuring new season items, such as lace-up boots and moccasins, that are now available to pre-order on the label’s website. You can also find Nodaleto on Farfetch and MatchesFashion.


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