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16th October 2020


The Asian footwear and accessories retailer showcases the most interesting, on-demand shoes of the season through its own funky, artistic lens. 

bottega veneta turquoise shoes
paciotti shoes
Images courtesy of @onpedder

If you want to see the most interesting, high-demand shoes of the season under one – digital – roof, footwear retailer On Pedder’s Instagram account is your go-to destination. 

You’ll find Area heels dripping with crystals next to the most coveted new shades of Amina Muaddi’s Begum pumps, Neous sleek white ankle boots and Paciotti mesh pumps – all shot against funky graphics, bright pops of color or nostalgic collages.

The retailer also mixes its feel-good shoe imagery with other it-accessories – think Anissa Kermische ‘Love Handle’ vases or Bottega Veneta chain necklaces – as well as humorous musings on the equal importance of finding your inner light and good lighting, and travel moodboards of the On Pedder team’s favorite destinations. 

Their Footnotes section that explores “the culture of footwear” through arty videos is another highlight. 

At a time of bleak news and homogenous feeds, the retailer’s playful attitude, pop images and flair for statement, one-of-a-kind shoes makes for a refreshing change. Not only are they inspiring your next purchases but also teasing your visual senses in all the right ways and giving you plenty of material to smile about. 

On Pedder operates six boutiques in Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Shanghai, but you can also shop its trendy accessories collections internationally via Farfetch

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