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10th July 2020


This new hit Instagram account celebrates the history and flamboyance of platform shoes. 

Jane birkin platform shoes




Anyone with a soft spot for shoes has had a love affair with platforms, one of the footwear world’s most flamboyant styles, at some point in time. It might have been a pair of Saint Laurent high-platform sandals to dance the night away, bold platform sneakers by way of Buffalo or Gucci or even wooden clogs. 

Now there’s a new hit Instagram account dedicated to celebrating platform shoes from both past and present, in all their eccentric glory. 

@platformmuseum is the new name to follow for all fellow shoe aficionados. It will educate you, make you feel nostalgic and joyful all at the same time, as it uncovers famous platform styles from over the years. Think Seventies patchwork boots sported by David Bowie, to miniature glitter platform sandals designed for none other than Barbie, or punk rock pink leopard platform booties from the Nineties. 

It’s a style that has become equated with a bold, confident attitude. It also has so much history attached to it, that there’s plenty to discover all across the Platform Museum’s feed: Platforms date back to ancient Greek times and since then they have been embraced by everyone from Salvatore Ferragamo, to Ossie Clarke in the Seventies, the Spice Girls and most recently Prada, Gucci or Marc Jacobs, who spent lockdown in a pair of platform boots and Mikimoto pearls. 

That’s why the Platform Museum’s founder, 23-year-old Audrey Vann, is on a mission to archive as many famous, eccentric platforms as possible, to preserve all the stories behind them. 

Vann started her own love affair with platforms by obsessively watching the Spice Girls and since then she spent many a late night on Ebay or Etsy looking at vintage platform shoes as a way to relax and escape. She shared some of the gems she discovered on her personal account and the excited reaction from followers led to the idea for Platform Museum, which has grown to more than 16,000 fans over the last year. 

As the platform-loving community grows, Vann has opened the account for submissions from followers and aims to keep sharing the gems she finds along the way, for everyone to live vicariously through the eccentric, colorful images.


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