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14th May 2021


Discover the shoe label by go-to retailer Net-a-Porter and its new collaboration with The Frankie Shop. 


Classic shapes, wearable shapes by Porte & Paire. Images via @porteandpaire.

Have you heard of Porte and Paire

The shoe label – as the name might give away – is the brainchild of Net-a-Porter and was quietly brought to life using the expertise of the Net-a-Porter team on what shoe girls around the world are looking for. It has slowly evolved into a real go-to for footwear staples that offer just the right balance between trendy and timeless style. 

Think the perfect black ankle boot made cooler with a subtle chain embellishment; versatile slides and leather sandals for summer featuring chunky soles to add a little edge; or ballet flats made in modernist square-toe silhouettes. 

The brand is about to gain a lot more momentum, as it has just released a collaboration collection with The Frankie Shop, one of the most popular fashion destinations for oversized tailoring, cool sweats and all things minimalism. 

The collection puts the focus on some of the most buzzy shoe silhouettes for the new season, including clogs, slippers and chunky leather sandals. 

Clogs in particular have been dividing opinion for years now, but ever since Hermes put them on their spring-summer 2021 runway there was no question they would become the it-shoe of the summer. Clearly The Frankie Shop and Net-a-Porter agree: They created their own take using glossed leather in neutral tones and chunky wooden soles. Their summer slippers also mirror the clog silhouette, but the wooden heel is replaced with a flat, moulded footbed that you can live in all summer. 

The good news is that the shoes also come in sweet spot price points, ranging between 215 and 225 pounds. 

It’s a perfect marriage, especially for anyone with a flair for “ugly” shoes or minimalism – and they will sure come in handy when looking for a summer shoe option to pair with the very popular Frankie Shop loose suits and sweats. 

Aside from the new collaboration, giving Porte and Paire a follow also comes highly recommended as team Net-a-Porter will no doubt be having more on-trend shoe styles and exciting collaborations up their sleeve.