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2nd October 2020


The French house is embracing the digital-first landscape, with a new interactive spring 2021 presentation. 

Roger Vivier Isabelle Huppert
Isabelle Huppert starring in Roger Vivier’s SS21 online film. Image courtesy of the brand.
Roger vivier ss21 shoes
The new hand painted #ILoveVivier pumps showcase the craftsmanship of the house artisans. Image courtesy of Roger Vivier.

Roger Vivier needs no introduction in any shoe circle, but this week there’s extra reason to make sure you are following the famous Parisian accessories house. 

The label has just debuted its spring 2021 collection with an online film and lots of teasers all over its Instagram feed: You’ll find short clips of the famous French actress Isabelle Huppert inviting you to experience the digitized “Hotel Vivier,” as well as cameos where she transforms into a glamorous cat lady in an all-pink room, a Disney heroine and even a cunning murderer in a black-and-white movie. 

Roger Vivier’s creative director Gherardo Felloni wanted to keep the same interactive, fantastical elements the brands’ physical presentations in Paris have always been known for – up until last season, they were by far the most anticipated shoe event of fashion month and always had a surprise in store, from rooms covered in fuzzy pink fur, to burlesque performances and enormous cakes with go-go dancers on them. 

Now, with health and safety restrictions making physical gatherings more difficult to enjoy, Felloni channeled the same charm on the screen, by drawing inspiration from all his favorite movie directors across all genres, ranging from Tim Burton to Walt Disney. He then cast Huppert to embody six different characters that paid homage to each genre. 

To add a touch of the brand’s signature sense of humour, some gaming elements have been added too: You get to interact with Huppert and answer a question she will pose at the end of each section, in order to proceed to the next one. 

As for the shoes, Felloni was undeniably affected by the current state of the world: Having spend six months gardening at his country home, he paid more focus to everyday staples like flip flops, elevating them with the brand’s signature crystal brooches, bright colors, lace and hand-painted leather flowers. 

You can wear something precious, even if you are at home,” said Felloni. 


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