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26th March 2021


Sally Javadi has created the go-to platform for sneaker inspiration and is paving the way for more female inclusivity in the world of sneakers.

sallies sneakers
sallyssneakers instagram

Sally Javadi colourful account is a must follow. Images via @sallyssneakers

Do you also feel that the world of sneakers is a kind of exclusive club that you wouldn’t necessarily feel welcome in?  

Some of us might think we’re not cool enough to fit in the same space with sneakerheads or that an interest in Amina Muaddi pumps means you can’t possibly also be interested in the latest Jordan colourway. 

The fact that this has traditionally been a male-dominated environment doesn’t make it easier, but female-led accounts like @sallyssneakers – our newfound favorite Instagram destination – are here to shake up the rules. 

The account is the brainchild of Sally Javadi, a psychology student and sneaker aficionado, who started her account a mere two years ago to share her love of sneakers and add a more feminine perspective to the game. 

Her formula is simple and highly effective: She shares closeups of her latest acquisitions – most recently she posted a showstopping Swarovski Air Max 97 pair – Reels of her bright, perfectly organized sneaker closet, as well as mirror selfies showing how she styles her sneakers. It makes for a colorful, feel-good feed that any woman who’s interested in sneakers – and these days that likely means all women – can relate to, as Javadi shows everything from rare collectibles to everyday staples, styled in a multitude of ways, from monochrome tracksuits, to baggy jeans or playful pink blazers. 

The catch is that her face is always hidden behind her phone: Even after amassing 265k followers, Javadi’s identity remains a mystery. Although she has previously said that a reveal would be inevitable at some point, by staying low profile so far she was able to keep the focus on style rather than her life or personality. As she was finishing her psychology thesis at university, she also didn’t want to see her interest in fashion clash with her academic work. 

Apart from stylish, feel-good content, Javadi’s platform also makes powerful statements about the need for greater inclusivity for women in the sneaker space – and the breaking away from social stereotypes that deem sneakers as a traditionally masculine shoe. She has often addressed the need for brands to make sneakers unisex and offer them in both men’s and women’s sizes, as well as offer more collaborations with women. 

And she’s already making progress: She has recently been announced as one of StockX’s new creative partners for 2021 and she celebrated International Women’s Day by sharing a snap of a pair of mismatched Jordans, created in collaboration with Iranian-American artist Melody Ehsani as a symbol against female oppression. 

“I’m hoping in time we will see more women take over the sneaker space and be able to tell their stories. My goal is to remain authentic and empower women all over the world – I know this sounds cliché, but I truly believe that anything is possible if you stay true to yourself, your dreams and work hard,” she said.