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11th April 2020


The Swedish shoe brand is best known for its modern-day take on classic silhouettes and flair for maximum comfort. 


There are many upside to shopping from up-and-coming footwear designers. Not only would you be supporting smaller businesses during a challenging time, but it’s also the easiest way to stand out and start a conversation – following inevitable questions about who made your shoes. 

That’s why we’d like to point you towards the direction of Sania D’mina, a Swedish label by the stylist and designer Sania Claus Demina. 

Demina’s aim was to marry the modern and vintage aesthetics with her shoe collections and she has been doing so by keeping a sharp focus on classic silhouettes like the slingback pump or the strappy sandal. She gives them a modern-day update with pearls or lush leather and suede in feminine, pastel colorways. 

Demina’s Swedish sensibility also comes through strongly, as her designs embrace practicality with fuss-free shapes and easy-to-walk-in kitten heels – no painful stilettos here. 

In fact the shoes, which are crafted in factories in Italy specialising in luxury, are the result of careful research and feature intricate details, like a toe box that lays completely flat on the ground to allow for maximum comfort. You’ll also find a silver logo in the shape of lips on the soles, a nod to Demina’s signature red lipstick. 

Pay a visit to the brand’s Instagram account to see how Demina and a host of fellow Scandi influencers style the label’s popular pumps, from retro party dresses to suits and pajama style co-ords. 

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