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22nd January 2021


The Istanbul-based brand just launched on Net-a-Porter and grabs shoe lovers’ attention with its elegant, vintage-inspired pieces. 

serena uziyel shoes
serena uziyel shoes

Serena Uziyel creates shoes with a retro inspired elegance. Images courtesy of @serenauziyel

Want to have first dibs on the new shoe talent that’s about to steal the spotlight and enter the wish lists of one too many stylish women? 

Then it’s time to press follow on Serena Uziyel, a new footwear brand from Istanbul with an ever growing following, which has just made its debut on Net-a-Porter

Uziyel was set up for success when founding her label in 2019, given her wealth of experience in all things shoes, craft and design: She worked with everyone from Calvin Klein, Judith Lieber and Donna Karan in New York, Zara in Spain and Moschino and Sanayi 313 in Italy, where she was taught by some of the country’s most famous shoemakers. 

She then poured her love for the art of shoemaking into her own label, which offers footwear created by hand using ancient and long-forgotten craft techniques. The design on the other hand is anything but ancient: Uziyel is all about fuss-free, elegant silhouettes, particularly easy slip-on mules with easy-to-walk-in heels that can easily fit into everyday life. She accessorises each shoe with chain-shaped embroidery created using gold thread – a striking brand signature. 

I want to be a strong female voice in the space of accessory design. My hope is for the high level of craftsmanship to shine through, while maintaining a feminine sophistication in my collections,” said the designer.  

Start by getting a closer look at the delicate embroideries of the label’s signature mules or its impossibly chic woven sandals for summer on the label’s Instagram feed – where Uziyel also sprinkles inspirational imagery of icons like Salvador Dali and Diana Vreeland for good measure. Its braided rope sandals – which also got the Net-a-Porter approval and feature heavily on its site – will come in handy for an upcoming summer season that promises to be a little more free and sociable.