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5th March 2022


The new independent brand to know for fun yet timeless party shoes. 

seuil studios
seuil studios

Seuil Studios is all about jewel-like chains, sharp triangle toes, and cool caged sandal designs. Images courtesy of @seuilstudios.

If you’re on the market for a feel-good, unique pair of heels and looking to support an independent designer at the same time, look no further than Seuil Studios

The brand was founded by Dionna Ross, a true accessories connoisseur who started her career running an accessories boutique and designing handbags, before founding her shoe label in 2019. 

Her mission is to create minimalist, seasonless designs which are still playful and eye-catching enough for shoe lovers to have fun with. 

She achieves this by paying extra attention to details, with heels that resemble jewel-like chains, sharp triangle toes, and cool caged sandal designs. The latter have become a particular hit since the world reopened and socialising resumed – and they look particularly good in metallic pink.  
Affordability is another focus for Ross, whose designs are priced between $129 and $169.

It’s definitely worth hitting follow on the brand’s Instagram account which showcases plenty of closeups of the shoes and Ross’ intricate heel designs against clean, white backgrounds – highlighting how masterfully she strikes a balance between accessibility and top-notch quality. 
“My heels are staple pieces that turn heads but won’t overpower your wardrobe. They can be worn with just about anything,” says the designer.