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18th June 2021


This account will give you a rare insight into what being a shoe professional is really like. 

shoe girls studio

Shoe Girls Studio founders hosting a workshops on how to start a shoe line. Image via @shoegirlsstudio.

shoe girls studio

Pumps by A Shoe Girls Studio client @kikipriceshoes.

Want to discover more about what happens behind-the-scenes in the shoe world? Then, Shoe Girls Studio needs to be the next account to add to your Instagram feed. 

This is the footwear business many industry insiders and brands turn to when they are looking to conceptualize or produce new shoes – and it will give you the ultimate insight into the art of shoemaking. 

Founded in 2016 by footwear experts Mar Espanol and Elisabeth Dunn, Shoe Girls Studio has become a specialist in footwear design and development, helping myriads of brands bring their shoe collections to life, from sports giants like Adidas to up-and-coming names like Kiki Price or Maya Lakis, known for her flair for sparkly heels. They really do it all, from conceptualizing and designing shoes, to sourcing materials in a sustainable way, creating samples and seeing them all the way through the production process until they reach the shop floor. 

The aim for Espanol and Dunn was simply to come together and share their industry expertise and love of shoes, to help brands from all over the world create premium footwear. The duo is particularly focused on helping women in the industry, hence the roster of women-owned labels on their client list. 

It’s a real all-female powerhouse, so it’s extra inspiring to follow their journey on Instagram and watch them at work. Along their feed, you will really get to grips with what it’s really like to be a shoe professional and what goes into the making of luxury shoes: The duo shares snaps of their early sketches; the myriads of fabric swatches and Pantone colour palettes they use to decide what materials will go on the finished shoes; and you also get to peak into their factory visits and see individual shoe parts transform into the final product.

You also get to watch the two businesswomen hosting online shoe workshops and take in their design inspiration, which ranges from neon pink sculptures by artist Erwin Wurm to it-shoes like The Attico’s Kaia mules and Amina Muaddi’s Begum pumps – clearly except from industry know-how, this duo has stellar taste too.