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29th January 2021


The new platform by Tamu McPherson aims to raise awareness for social justice issues, one pair of shoes at a time. 

shoe up for justice
The Marc Jacobs shoes will soon go up for the charity auction. Images courtesy of @shoeupforjustice
tamu zebra shoes
Founder Tamu is known for her bold shoe collection. Images courtesy of @tamumcpherson

Shoe Up For Justice is probably one of the most important shoe communities you should be joining this year: Not only will it let you indulge in your love of shoes in the most sustainable manner there is, but it is also striving to raise awareness around important social justice issues. 

The platform is the brainchild of content creator and beloved shoe girl Tamu McPherson, who is on a mission to use fashion – and shoes in particular – as a means of highlighting social justice issues, specifically voting suppression. 

McPherson will use the new platform to amplify the work of the organizations and activists who have been fighting for voters’ rights, including Fair Fight Action and its founder Stacy Abrams – best known for the pivotal role she played in the recent U.S. elections, registering more than 800,000 voters in Georgia and turning the state in favour of the Democratic party and Joe Biden. 

Alongside the educational elements of the platform, McPherson will mix in visual candy and light chats around everyone’s favourite topic, shoes, in the lead up to a big sale of her personal shoe archive. All proceeds from the sale will be going towards organizations like Fair Fight Action, which continue to fight for voting rights. 

It’s an admirable move and the perfect illustration of how fashion and activism can in fact go hand-in-hand. On the same grid, you get to discover the stories behind some of the most lust worthy shoes of years past – including a pair of architectural Marc Jacobs wedges circa fall 2006 – and also how to keep up the social justice fight, ever after Biden’s victory. 

The initiative came together after years and years of engaging with my online community about my shoe collection. We all love shoes, we are obsessed with them and over the years many of you have teased me and encouraged me to send you the shoes I’m not wearing anymore,” said McPherson in a video introducing the project. 

Once she decided to take the leap and sell some of her archival shoes, her focus was on ensuring the sale had a positive impact on the world. So she got to researching organizations that fight against voting suppression, as a way of addressing “everything we’ve gone through in the last four years, having our rights attacked again and again.” 

The date for the sale, which will be accessible internationally, is to be confirmed soon, as are the exact shoe styles that will be up for grabs. But if McPherson’s #tuesdayshoesday posts are an indication – they feature everything from the beloved Prada flame sandals, to YSL ‘Tribute’ pumps and Manolo Blahniks from the early 2000s – this is one not to miss.