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8th October 2021


This modern brand blends a distinct minimalist aesthetic with a responsible ethos. 

studio-amelia sandals

Minimalistic sandals and sleek statement boots is Studio Amelia’s speciality. Images courtesy of @studioamelia_.

In today’s landscape, the brands that stand out are the ones that have a great aesthetic, but also look beyond the surface and adopt a responsible ethos. 

Studio Amelia, which was conceived between London and Sydney a mere two years ago, is one such label. 

For starters, the label offers standout shoe collections that channel a timeless, minimalist spirit, without ever being too generic or blending in with everything else that’s on the market. The brand adds its own character to staples like strappy sandals and mules with joyful pops of colors, padded leather straps, and sculptural heel shapes. This season its heeled sandals featuring padded leather straps that resemble pretzels and peep-toe, thigh high boots in a striking cobalt blue are among the highlights. 

The shoes are also made using Reach certified nappa leather  – a European Union certification which ensures that no harmful chemicals have been used at any stage of the production process. 

Social responsibility is equally ingrained in the ethos of the brand and you’ll find that when you make a purchase from Studio Amelia you are given a range of charities to choose from, for the company to make a donation on your behalf. Some charity partners include Educate a Girl which supports the education of young girls in Calcutta; Restore the Reef which works towards repairing the damage on The Great Barrier Reef also known as one of the most biodiverse places on Earth; and Empower Survivors which supports people across Asia who had been enslaved and trying to rebuild their lives. 

“We understand the responsibility we have as a business to support others in the same way our customers support us – in both the good times and the bad,” writes the brand. 

Its responsible approach also extends to its pricing, which veers towards a more accessible and democratic luxury approach with shoes ranging from 220 to 750 euros. 

You can shop on the brand’s website, as well as major retailers like Farfetch, Neiman Marcus and Harrods – which have all given the brand’s timeless design approach a big thumbs up, buying its collections for their stores very quickly after it launched. 

This modern ethos of blending aesthetics and values means the brand is only bound to get more relevant in the future and is worthy of our support, be it with a purchase or by clicking the follow button and adding its elegant imagery – including some delicious shoe shots – on our feeds.