Follow Friday: @tamumcpherson

3rd July 2020


The Milan-based content creator is a powerful voice in the fight against racism in fashion and also has the best eye for feel-good fashion and all kinds of it-shoes. 



There’s plenty of reasons to follow Tamu McPherson: She is one of the most recognisable and vibrant faces of the Milan fashion scene; her upbeat style and attitude to life make for an instant mood lift; and she is the ultimate shoe girl too, with a dedicated #tuesdayshoesday feature popping up on her Instagram feed every week. 

One week she might share a delicious pair of brand new purple Bottega Veneta curve sandals alongside an excerpt from Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ and another she might bring back old favorites like the famous Prada flame sandals, Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Tribute’ sandals or Manolo Blahniks from the early 2000s. She mixes the shoe candy with plenty of happy poses and dancing videos in everything from Rebecca Taylor denim overalls, to further-trimmed dresses, turbans and plenty of bejewelled, heart-shaped sunglasses. You get the picture: Humour, bright colours and the good vibes and positive outlook everyone is very much in need of at the moment. 

In addition to her strong fashion creds, McPherson is also a powerful voice when it comes to discussing fashion’s diversity issues and championing Black creatives. 

She was most recently named as a member of the newly formed Black in Fashion Council, which will work towards helping Black individuals advance their careers in the fashion and beauty industries. 

“As a collective, we envision a world in which black people in fashion and beauty spaces can be open and honest, guaranteed equal rights, and be celebrated for our voices,” said McPherson.

Her involvement in the new organisation is the amalgamation of ongoing work to champion inclusivity on her platforms.

Her feed is filled with recommendations of Black-owned brands to follow, while her editorial site All The Pretty Birds features offers an array of resources, including a list of digital content creators of colour based in her home of Italy and a powerful letter to the industry, discussing how brands need to start embracing a more diverse set of content creators in their campaigns, trips and events. 

“I have been working with luxury brands since 2013, and I am to this day, with the exception of a few other influencers who are stylists, models, and celebrities, still one of the few Black creators regularly included in digital campaigns, or invited to international press events and other important industry events,” wrote McPherson, urging brands to “avoid optical allyship and fully commit to anti-racism.”

At a time when the creative industry is having to face its racist attitudes and Black creatives, alongside their allies, fight for change, McPherson is a powerful voice to follow to stay up to date with the development of the cause and continue the education process. 

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