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19th June 2020


Nguyen is an designer, consultant and content creator with a modernist attitude to dressing, excellent multitasking abilities – and a very impressive collection of The Row shoes. 




TyLynn Nguyen has a lot to bring to the table: She is a mother of three and a real fashion multi-tasker, who works as an influencer, designer and consultant. 

The reasons she is on our must-follow list, will be obvious by taking a mere glance at her beautifully curated Instagram feed where she showcases her sleek sense of dressing, together with spot-on beauty tips and heart-warming family portraits. 

Unsurprisingly, we love her flair for minimalist shoes – she has a very impressive collection of The Row sandals, mules and mesh slippers – which she often photographs fresh out of the box and pairs with pinstripe shirts, oversized suits and plenty of bodysuits. 

Her motto is to address the modern woman with her fashion-forward yet no-fuss attitude to dressing, which she also applies to her lingerie label that carries her name, TyLynn Nguyen, filled with monochrome pieces that strike the right balance between practical and sexy. 

From her Instagram, you’ll also be prompted to longer-form videos on IGTV and YouTube where Nguyen offers a closer look inside her wardrobe and herself, with candid Q&A’s with her family. 

Earlier this month, as the murder of George Floyd took the world by storm Nguyen also bravely addressed the issue and staged an online protest for all those who were worried about joining the physical protests given the continued threat of Covid-19. 

“This is about black lives. This is about unraveling systemic racism and stopping police brutality. Black Lives Matter. Period,” she wrote, holding a sign that read “Come Together to End Racism” for her Zoom protest. 

Nguyen is one of many examples of black content creators and the brilliant work they do in the fashion space. Her multitude of achievements is even more applause-worthy given the bigger barriers of entry to the high fashion world, often faced by women of color. 

It’s our job to seek them out, add them to our feeds and elevate their voices. 

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