Follow Friday: @wandler

24th July 2020


We love Wandler shoes for their bold colors, striking silhouettes and high quality – all served at contemporary price points. 

wandler shoes


In a sea of contemporary accessories labels – you know, the kind that make Insta-worthy shoes at sweet-spot price points – Wandler is definitely one of the standouts, to know and follow. 

There’s plenty of reasons why and most come back to the brand’s founder, Amsterdam-based designer Elza Wandler who has an extraordinary eye for color and quality design. You’ll often find her pulling off the most unexpected color combinations – think neon pink eyeshadow with a lime green dress – and gathering inspiration anywhere and everywhere, be it the deep emerald green color of a carpet, the exact shade of blue of the sea or a piece of minimalist furniture. 

“Wandler’s mantra is that colors tell the story. The relationship between fashion and art comes naturally to me and I look to the art world for inspiration, feeling there is a natural connection between both worlds,” said the designer. 

Her artistic approach translates into shoes done in mesmerizing colors ranging from bright fuchsia to aqua blue or lilac, bold shapes and some very funky embellishments – we particularly love the brand’s newest ruched leather mules in baby blue and boots featuring crystal-embellished perspex heels.

What’s even better is that the brand’s contemporary price points don’t compromise the high quality of the shoes, which are all made in luxury factories in Italy. Wandler is just willing to keep the business’ margins a little lower to offer her customers a more affordable proposition. 

So if you’re trying navigating the very busy contemporary shoe market, Wandler could definitely be the one for you. Start by adding them to your follow list to get a closer look at its colorful styles, the power women already sporting the shoes and all the rich, visual references that inspire them. 


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