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So Kate vs. Pigalle

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    Are you team So Kate or Pigalle with Louboutins? I have the Pigalle in 120 but thinking of getting the So Kate too, but I’m wondering if they are too similar?


    Go with the ‘Kate 100mm’s’


    Pigalle has a shorter toe box then So Kate. I agree with Tim, the new 10cm So Kate, in my opinion the best out of all.


    I have the Pigalle in 100 but Kate is also good.

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    I have the So Kate 120 but have been in the market for the Pigalle 120, I searched high and low. It seems they are discontinued or constantly sold out?

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    They are very different from one another. Pigalle has a smaller toe box, thicker heels and a less dramatic arch. I own both and find my (old model) Pigalle more comfortable, but it’s probably because is much more worn out then my So Kate.The So Kate is really beautiful on the feet, but as the arch is more steep it may be a little bit less comfortable.


    So Kate. If you want the ultimate in beauty, sex, and attitude, the So Kate 120 is the choice. Iconic, classic, classy and will never go out of style. The black suede is a good starter because suede is more forgiving and black is timeless. The patent takes longer to break in, but again, black goes with everything .
    The heels look delicate, but are indestructible. They may get scraped but they will never break regardless of how much weight is put on them.


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    Thank you.


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    So Kate, 120mm. A little more delicate than the Pigalle and the curves are exquisite. I have several So Kates and a couple of Pigalles. Even though the Pigalle has a thicker heel, it will bend, but as Christine said, the So Kate heel is very strong. I’ve slipped going up step and had 122 pounds on one heel with no damage! With both the heel tips need to be replaced frequently.


    The So Kate is really beautiful on the feet, but as the arch is more steep it may be a little bit less comfortable. very strong yen sao khanh hoa


    thanks a lot)


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Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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