How To Pack – The Shoe Edition

23rd July 2020


An effortless approach to packing smart for a summer like no other.

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Some of us travel for adventure, some for blissed-out R&R. Whatever your reasons might be, one thing’s for sure – at this time of year, we all need a break. No overflowing inbox, no notification overload, and, hopefully, no wardrobe disasters. It’s this last point we want to tackle (we can’t help with you with your IG addiction, sorry). Increasingly, we’re taking a no-nonsense approach to packing. After witnessing the fallout of a global pandemic, we’re grateful just to get away. The best route to carefree holiday-mode? A capsule shoe wardrobe of considered and stylish footwear that won’t let you down. Borders are tentatively being opened, but for many, this year’s holidays mean exploring beautiful landscapes and overlooked locations closer to home. Take a break from the pressures of real life and simplify your holiday wardrobe this year, starting from the feet up. Here’s how. 

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Packing is the root cause of holiday stress. It starts here, between the need to plan and the desire to be spontaneous. In our experience, it’s always better to plan, even if it does dilute your happy-go-lucky holiday vibes a bit. Consider your destination and a loose itinerary. If you’re road tripping on the coast with a BFF, some comfortable sandals and a pair of versatile sneakers might be all you need. Chanel sandals and pair of New Balance perhaps? If you plan to lie in bed ordering room service 24/7, Malone Souliers woven-leather mules for shuffling about on the hotel carpet. Socially-distanced gastronomic adventure? With restaurants and bars re-opening, take the opportunity to road-test your new princess shoes now.  

There’s always a weird sense when you go away, that now might be the time you finally decide you actually love the orange-feathered sandals you wore once three years ago and never again. Don’t be fooled. Pack tried-and-tested shoes you’ve styled a million times and always look and feel good in. Don’t overcomplicate things by deliberating wildcards. Sure, this is going to be your biggest Instagram opportunity in a while, but a holiday should be effortless. 

A capsule wardrobe of versatile shoes that can be worn any number of ways is the secret to packing like a pro. Take styles that work for day or night – that you’re as comfortable in on a long car journey as you are at a pavement cafe. Smart-ish trainers that can be dressed up or down, minimalist sandals to pair with cut-off denim or a silky slip dresses and perhaps one pair of barely-there heels, for a special holiday treat.

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Try to stick to a couple of shades throughout your holiday wardrobe. Neutral coloured shoes work with everything, or pare it all back to black and white. Is now the time to take the lime green Amina Muaddi sandals for a spin? If the rest of your packing is neutral, sure. Think about your shoes in the context of everything else you’re taking and go from there.  

It’s tempting to shove every pair of shoes you own in a suitcase and chuck it in the boot of the car to be dealt with on arrival. Don’t. Pack shoes in dust bags at the bottom of your case, and stuff them with tissue paper or shoe trees to prevent them being damaged. Of course, don’t be overly precious – holidays are meant to be fun. And, if it all goes rogue, at least staycations mean we don’t have to contend with a baggage allowance.

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