How To Pull Off Mismatched Shoes

20th August 2020


Only for the adventurous – This is how to pull of mismatched shoes.

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Kalda ‘Ara’ chain mules seen at Copenhagen fashion week.

Odd socks, maybe, but mis-matched shoes? The sock thing we get – who hasn’t mourned a misplaced Prada stocking, lost to the washing machine’s mysterious appetite for nylon? Lesson learned – don’t put anything bearing the Prada label anywhere near a spin cycle. But until now, the only person we knew who had pulled off mismatched shoes successfully was Carrie Bradshaw, and she’s a fictional character. As ever, fashion has a way of surprising us, and this mini-trend, spotted on the streets of Copenhagen Fashion Week, has captured the imaginations of those in the know. As with all off-beat trends, it appeals to fashion insiders and wardrobe rule breakers, but can be surprisingly effortless to pull off. Unlike Carrie’s shiny pink and blue sandals, think monochrome, neutral shades and minimal silhouettes worn with an air of sophistication. 

Mis-matched shoes made a talked-about appearance on the fashion circuit in 2017 and have been seen on the Céline and Manolo Blahnik runways over the years. But apart from the occasional turn on the red carpet (Nicole Kidman, Helena Bonham Carter), the number of designers actually selling mis-matched pairs is . . . minimal. Christopher Esber has made bi-colored shoes his signature and the ‘Arta’ sandals are our current favourites, combining statement contrasts with square thong toes. Esber’s minimal ‘Fuyao’ sandal is also available in a contrasting colour combinations.


Kalda is another designer that has experienced with mismatched shoes lately, the ‘Ara’ mules are available in a range of colour combination, in everything from bi-colour pastels to classic black and whites. The contrasting heel will help you balance out this otherwise tricky trend. This industry favourite is making a name for them selves with more than just mismatched shoes and is a brand worth investing in. We love the ankle-chain ‘Ara’ so much that we support the idea of getting them in more than one colour.


Loafer’s with mismatched logos and slogans have been trending for a while, Camper surprised us with this colourful pair that matches the memo perfectly while designers like Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo and Les Petits Joueurs take the minimal approach to mismatching, keeping it to the details. A little bit goes a long way with this fun trend, but it’s definitely dedicated to someone who dressed from the feet up.


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