How To Tackle A New Shoe Trend

9th July 2020


Don’t be a fashion victim with our guide to managing the internet trend overload. 


Bottega Veneta’s new BV Board sandals is another take on the fashion house’s iconic intrecciato weave. The Lido mules continues to be a hit.

Trends are to fashion what a red sole is to Louboutin. One cannot exist without the other. The thrill of the new keeps the wheels of fashion turning – but it’s important to tread carefully when tackling a new trend. In the digital age, information disseminates and mutates across the internet at breakneck speed, and we’re constantly bombarded with must-haves and It-shoes, staying critical is a ongoing battle – even for us shoe lovers. The sort of mindless consumption that modern trend cycles encourage gives fashion a bad rep. So how to decide if a trend is the right one for you? And once the decision is made, how to wear it? The key is choosing which trends to sit out, and which to work seamlessly into your wardrobe. Trends are the life and soul of the fashion party, here’s how to approach a new one with purpose and style.

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The first step to tackling any new shoe trend is the selection process. No-one wants to be a fashion victim. Buying every must-have will quickly erode your personal style, turning you into a mass of gimmicky pieces that show nothing of who you are. Resist the temptation to jump on the bandwagon, and only buy in if the shoes are right for you.

If trends are the lifeblood of a party, it’s OK to arrive fashionably late. Always take your time to consider any purchase. The accelerated speed of fashion seasons and over-saturation online means a trend can burn out and lose its got-to-have-it sheen pretty quick. Let the dust settle before buying into any trend, to see if it has longevity. A trend becoming ubiquitous often signals its death, and these days the trend cycle (the time it takes for it to go from no-one wearing it, to everyone wearing it, to it being a bit naff) is much shorter. But the good ones stick around for longer, often years. Take your time and sit with it before whipping out the plastic. 

Before you commit, try any trend-led shoe purchases on at home with existing pieces from your wardrobe. Put them on in the bedroom and style them with a few outfits to see what works. Pad around the house in them (on a carpeted surface ofc). Ask yourself if they feel right. Do they work with what you already have? Can you wear them a few different ways? 

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Trends evolve over time. Designers will take a trending shoe and adapt it to make it fresh each season. Take Bottega Veneta’s coveted Intrecciato-weave line. Its latest incarnation has seen it morph into a statement-making chunky wrap heel. You might find that, as the trend evolves, if turns into something you really can’t resist. 

Take time away from Instagram to reflect on the styles you really love. Overexposure to any trend can be confusing – you see too much of a good thing, and it loses its appeal. On the flip side, seeing something everywhere on people you admire can fool you into thinking it’s for you. You shouldn’t disregard a new trend just because it choked up your IG feed for a week, nor should you buy into it because everybody else has. Forget how other people are seeing a new shoe trend, and look at it through your own lens to decide whether it’s really your style.  

Whatever the trend is, adaptation is key to avoid becoming a cardboard cutout of the campaign girl for square toe shoes. Interpret the trend to suit you by styling it your own way. Put your personal style before the hype and you can’t go wrong. 

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