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Manu Atelier Debuts Fierce Shoes and a Feminist Manifesto

5th May 2021


The brand’s new campaign, shot by Harley Weir, makes a statement about freedom from the patriarchy. 

manu atelier
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Manu Atelier pre-fall 2021 shot by Harley Weir. Images courtesy of the brand.

Turkish accessories label Manu Atelier is well known for its sharp square toes, curved heels and cool lace-up ‘Duck’ boots. With a new season approaching and the possibility of dress-up on the horizon, the brand has just released its new pre-fall 2021 collection, which includes a series of show-stopping knee-high versions of the signature Duck boots done in black glossy vegan leather – a material the brand is experimenting for the first time – or chic earthy tones. 

There’s a fierce attitude to the shoes, just like the new campaign, which was shot by the renown photographer Harley Weir – also behind campaigns for the likes of Stella McCartney, Celine and Balenciaga. 

The brand’s founders Merve and Beste Manastir worked alongside Weir and stylist Alex Carl to create a concept that addressed women’s place in society and took a stance against the patriarchy. 

They featured model Vivien Solari in a series of snake-like, curved poses to highlight that women should be free to express themselves and move their body whichever way they like. 

The patriarchal structure affects women’s body language. We’ve always been told as women from an early age not to sit, talk, dress, walk like a man. But as people who believe a woman could be anything and do anything she wants, we wanted to use women’s body language as a revolt to the patriarchal structure,” said Merve.

manu atelier boots

Manu Atelier’s signature boots and bag, shot by Harley Weir. Images courtesy of the brand.

We wanted to outline a woman who’s more free than the meaning of free defined by men. This was the starting point for our brand too and each creative in this project is supportive of women and embraces all aspects of femininity.”

The Manastirs alongside Weir and Carl will also take the conversation further on Instagram and post a series of questions and answers, discussing their interpretation of concepts like reform, freedom and the patriarchy. 

As lockdowns begin to ease, the brand will also be opening its first flagship store in its home city, Istanbul, where its full shoe and bag collections will be available to purchase.