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Mytheresa Debuts Christian Louboutin’s ‘Nudes’

27th May 2020


The luxury retailer will be Louboutin’s exclusive partner for the collection across the men’s and women’s categories.

Christian Louboutin nudes nude pumps

The NUDES collection is an ode to diversity, with eight nude shades of different shoe styles featuring the iconic red soles. Images courtesy of Mytheresa.

Christian Louboutin mytheresa nude sandals


Christian Louboutin is getting ready to shine a bigger spotlight on his ‘Nudes’ collection, with an exclusive launch on Mytheresa today. 

The collection, which translated some of Louboutin’s signature ‘Nude’ styles for all range of skin tones, made big waves in the fashion world when it launched two years ago as a statement on the need for diversity in the fashion industry. 

Now, as the collection makes its debut on Mytheresa across both the men’s and women’s categories and becomes available to a wider network of luxury shoppers, it’s an opportunity for the diversity message to be heard louder too. 

The range comprises of a series of brand signatures that all play with barely-there fabrics and materials to show off the foot. 


The Nudes shoe doesn’t dress the leg but continues to undress it. The shoe disappears in favor of the silhouette of the leg, like an illusion. The leg is no longer wearing a shoe: it simply dissolves into a shoe and that’s what gives its radiance,” – Louboutin.


There are bow-embellished mesh and leather ankle boots where the skin can peak through the mesh panels; stilettos with PVC straps; as well as comfortable slides that are fast becoming the season’s staple; low-top sneakers; and some chunky-heeled platform sandals. 

Everything is available in eight different shades, ranging from light rose-tinted tones to darker ones. 

To mark the launch Mytheresa will also be releasing a dedicated campaign featuring intimate, bare-faced shots of models Ronja Furrer, Nur Hellmann and Carl Schultz that highlight a more raw, natural version of beauty – as well as plenty of delicious shoe shots punctuated by the brand’s famous red soles and illustrating how the ‘Nudes’ collection can complement different skin tones. 


Christian Louboutin nudes nude boots
Christian Louboutin nudes pumps



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