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The Pangaia Debuts The Most Sustainable Sneaker Yet

15th September 2020


The sneakers are responsibly produced in Italy and made from a innovative plant-based grape leather.

Pangaia sneakers
Pangaia grape sneaker
Pangaia sneakers are made of grapes. Images courtesy of the brand.

You probably see a Pangaia tracksuit – or twenty – every time you open your Instagram feed. 

Their casual wear – known for its eye-catching colors, perfectly oversized shapes and sustainable messaging, discreetly printed on hoodies and track pants – have become somewhat of a global uniform this year, as the world went into lockdown. 

And now the brand is furthering its eco-mission by expanding its offer to sneakers — and in particular some of the most sustainable sneakers to ever launch in the market. 

This week, it’s introducing two new low-top styles on its website made using plant-based leather derived from grapes. Sounds unusual to say the least, but the company’s deep investments into material innovation is making it all possible. 

First seaweed fibers for tracksuits and now grape leather sneakers. 

The choice of the grape leather material is aiming to address the waste issues of the global wine industry, which collectively produces over 6.5 billion liters of waste as part of annual wine production.  

The Pangaia believes this can be turned into “2.6 billion square meters of grape leather, just by using stalks, skins and seeds.”

Cue its new sneakers – which are unisex and come in minimalist black and white shades – created using grape leather, sourced and repurposed from the Italian wine industry. The shoes are also dyed using vegetable alternatives and feature an orthopaedic centre and recycled rubber soles sourced from industry waste, meaning no new or virgin materials were used to produce the sneakers. 

What’s better is that much of the information around the shoes’ sustainable production is emblazoned on the shoes with the brand’s signature text print, to encourage conversations around circularity and conscious shopping. 

Pre-orders for the sneakers that are available in sizes EUR 36-45 open today on

The sneakers feature the brands signature text print. Image courtesy of The Pangaia.