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Pernille Teisbaek Takes on Full-Time Creative Role at Gia Borghini

22nd June 2021


After four successful collaboration collections, the Danish influencer is taking on a full-time role at the Florentine shoe label as creative consultant.

gia couture pernille

Pernille Teisbaek in her Gia Borghini collaboration sandals. Image courtesy of the brand.

In early 2020, shoe lovers collectively started paying closer attention to the young, artisanal label Gia Couture, following the launch of a very buzzy collaboration with Danish all-star influencer Pernille Teisbaek. 

Nearly two years, four collections and many shoe hits later, Teisbaek has been named the brand’s new creative consultant. Moving beyond one-off collaborations, she will become involved with the footwear brand on a full-time basis and work with the label’s founder, Barbara Borghini, to introduce “a new Gia.” This means more designs, campaigns directed by Teisbaek and a full rebrand, with the label being rechristened as Gia Borghini. 

It’s a very natural match given the success of Teisbaek’s collaborations so far: Everything from the padded leather sandals of her very first drop, to the rugged-sole knee boots and the sexy triangle-toe pumps she designed have been becoming instant sell-outs. 

It’s everything I felt we needed. The collections were designed to be a natural extension of our wardrobes, so women can be inspired to integrate the shoes into their closets in a natural way and style them up,” said Teisbaek.

Indeed, women have kept turning back to the chunky boots, minimalist sandals and cool slides from the collaboration — so much so that the brand doubled its sales from 2019 to 2020 and caught the attention of some of the best retailers in the world from Browns in London, to Tsum in Moscow, Printemps in Paris and Fwrd in Los Angeles.

Still, the duo feel like they are just getting started and there’s still more potential to explore. By marrying Borghini’s expertise in the art of shoemaking – she works with some of the top artisans in Florence – along with Teisbaek’s social media know-how and flair for cool, Scandinavian design, this could potentially be the next footwear powerhouse in the making — so keep an eye out. 

A taste of what they have been plotting will soon be available, as the rebrand and a new spring 2022 collection, the first mainline collection Teisbaek was involved in, will soon be unveiled. 

This means more focus on the brand’s main collections rather than its collaborations. Yet according to Borghini, we should still expect some more surprise collaborations from the brand, which has recently also tapped supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to design a collection. 

The ultimate aim? To build a community of interesting, creative women that share ideas, aesthetics and their love of shoes. 


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