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Rotate and Manu Atelier Come Together For A Party Shoe Capsule

4th August 2021


The collaboration collection features versatile styles that blend fun with comfort, and can match Rotate’s bold ready-to-wear. 

ROTATE Manu Atelier shoes
ROTATE Manu Atelier sandals

Jen Ceballos modelling the newly released shoe collection. Images courtesy of Manu Atelier/Rotate.

Rotate and Manu Atelier, two brands loved by young women all over the world, have gotten together to create a shoe capsule all about bold colours, comfortable heels and pure fun. 

This marks the first time Copenhagen-based Rotate, best known for its bold party dresses, is venturing into the world of shoes. 

Manu Atelier, the Istanbul-based label that has become a household name for top-quality contemporary bags and modernist shoes, proved to be the best partner for Rotate’s first foray into footwear, given the common values the two brands share. They are both founded and run by women, who prioritize comfort and female empowerment above all else. Manu Atelier founders and sisters Merve and Beste Manastir Bagdatli had also featured Rotate’s creative directors Jeanette Madsen and Thora Valdimars in their brand campaigns, so there was plenty of common ground to build from. 

It all happened very naturally as we share similar tastes and aesthetics. For our very first brand collaboration we wanted to align ourselves with the right brand and Rotate was the perfect fit in terms of brand values and purpose,” said the Manastir sisters. “It’s so important to us to work with people who share similar values and understand us both personally and professionally.”

When the four women got together over Zoom to design their shoe capsule, their concept was simple: heels, colors, and lots of fun. In other words, they wanted to offer an antidote of a year of living in sweatpants and celebrate the joy of dressing up. 

ROTATE Manu Atelier collaborations pumps
ROTATE Manu Atelier party shoes

The party shoes to compliment Rotate’s collections are selling fast. Images courtesy of Manu Atelier/Rotate.

At the same time recognizing the current landscape, they also made a point to offer easygoing heels that can be worn day-to-night and transcend across seasons. 

That’s why they chose staples like a pointed-toe pump in chic croc-effect leather; patent leather boots featuring a color-block mid-heel; and heeled sandals adorned with some of the metallic patterns from Rotate’s fall 2021 collection and removable laces. 

We wanted to create shoes that elongate your legs and are super flattering – like the patent leather boots that have just the right on the legs, or the pumps which have the perfect heel height for dancing. We were also inspired by how we wear our shoes in different ways and translated this versatility into a sandal with removable laces so you can lace them up around your legs or wear them without laces for a more simple look,” added Madsen and Valdimars, who used the collaboration as an opportunity to learn more about the art of shoemaking and are interested in exploring the category more in the future. 

The collection, which launches today, will be available at Browns, as well as the Manu Atelier and Rotate ecommerce platforms. Prices range from 345 euros to 425 euros. 

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