Shoe of the month: Amina Muaddi ‘Begum’ Pumps

15th March 2020


Is the hottest shoe of 2020 so far worth the hype?

Last month Lyst came out with some statistics that we here at 5 inch and up had already figured out – Amina Muaddi’s shoes are the hottest thing on the footwear front. Her shoes are according to the search engine among the most searched after items, which explains why her colourful diamante encrusted, hourglass shaped heels are so bloody hard to find. Chances are by the time you click on our well curated links, the shoes will be out of stock, too. But where there is a will, there is a way and we are here to do our best should you be in the search. 

Jordan-Romanian designer Amina Muaddi is, like we discussed in this pervious feature, no new comer to the shoe industry, although her name-sake brand is still a new acquaintance for some (of you that have been living under a rock). Amina co-founded shoe brand Oscar Tide in 2013 and worked behind the brand that was carried by Net-A-Porter and Farfetch to name a few. But Amina moved on in 2016 and re-started her shoe journey under her own name. The design aesthetic wasn’t that different, silky candy colour and crystals, like in her Oscar Tiye days, but most of her styles had that signature hourglass shaped heel.

Amina herself was growing an audience on her social channels by attending fashion weeks, collaboration with brands and moving into becoming an influencer and a hot name to know, where her colourful persona gathered audiences eager to copy her style – which was always paired with her own shoes. Amina portraits just that – the ideal customer of her namesake brand and is hence the ideal ambassador of @aminamuaddiofficial.

Today we look at one of her most popular style: the Begum pump, which shot to fame when the clear version, that modern cinderella pump, was seen on the likes of Rihanna and Kendal Jenner, to name a few. The kitsch shoes provided something fun and unexpected in the sea of nude mules that are the amongst Amina’s shoes that most desired designs right now.

The Begums have been made in a variety of colours shapes and heel heights including boots. Her styles all follow the same aesthetics: Crystals, feathers and brights colour – mostly made with that signature hourglass shaped heel.

Comfort: 4/5
The shoes are quite kind on the feet, they stay on and are OK to walk in. However the satin is softer and less supportive than leather which is notable because of the weight of the heel. A sling back style and heavy heel makes the steps feel a bit chunky.

Quality: 5/5 
The shoes are finished beautifully and hence worth their money, you will not find the same quality in the numerous hightstreet versions.

Purchase price: £670 in January.
The shoes keep selling out but pops up in new version and colour ways with different retailers, so keep those browser tabs open and fresh should you be in search of a pair. We’ve spotted the Begum in a clear PVC, black, pink, blue, green, yellow, you name it! They also come in a boot as well as a mule.

Conclusion: Amina Muaddi is with her story an inspiration, and that itself deserves our support. She really brought fun back to shoes and is a designer we can’t get enough of here on 5 inch and up. Should you consider buying into the trend? If you are looking for a summer shoe to cheer up your early toned outfits, or simply want a piece of shoe history, look no further than below. But we do recommend the satin pumps as your first purchase as rising temperatures and PVC aren’t always the best combination.

PS. Look our for Amina’s capsule launching 18th of March.


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