Shoe of the month: Bottega Veneta ‘BV Lido’ Sandals

7th January 2020


We try before you buy. This month, Daniel Lee’s best work to date.

Choosing the first SOTM feature for our new site was a no brainer, so introducing the ‘Lido’ mules by Bottega Veneta. While there have been many strong styles this season, Prada’s ‘Monolith’ combat boots, Jimmy Choo’s croc embossed ‘Mavis’ boots and all the hourglass heeled Amina Muaddi’s, no brand has quite been able to live up to the hype of Bottega Veneta’s recent success, proof in this previous article. Bottega’s big rebirth started when designer Daniel Lee stepping into the house and soon after soothed us with Céline-esque accessories with an Italian leather experience dating back to 1966. The rest is saved in our IG folder history.

We’ve loved the square toe mules ever since they appeared in their simple, turquoise glory early Summer 2019, turning even the most devoted, neutral loving minimalists to fans of neon. Quite frankly, tropical blue wasn’t what we thought our wardrobe was missing but it quickly became the modern way to do ‘colour pop’ in 2019, proving again that it’s all about the styling. 

Tracking down these impossible to find mules that seemed to launch in a ‘brand new very limited edition, never before seen colour way’ every other week, became somewhat of a game, especially since the shoes were constantly praised for their comfort, timeless cut and somewhat accessible price point at £475 (obviously relative, but we’ve seen scarier price tags).

After we spent (waisted) our summer holiday refreshing the online shops and stalking even the smallest BV concession in the likes of Capri, the brand finally dropped the padded version, that we had been screenshotting ever since industry insiders got a glimpse of the upcoming collection, months back. And so the same colour hunt continued, all of a sudden there was an unexpected suede version, did an exclusive red colour way – and other materialistic, euphoric joys!

Finally, come the drop of Pre-Spring, and the release of the ‘BV Lido’ sandals. We know it’s early to dream about open toe shoes, but this pair needs to be ordered asap, because they, like many other previous styles, will sell out by the time the actual Resort collections starts to feel relevant. The heeled mules, as well as flats are currently available in six different colours, but if there is anything we’ve learned, it’s that this might be an expanding range as the retailers fight for their exclusive colour ways

Comfort: 4/5
These shoes are surprisingly comfortable, we love the padded bottom sole for extra comfort and durability. One lost point for the weight of the shoe, making it a bit chunky to lug around in. The weaved part on the top of the foot is supported, meaning they stay better on the foot than you might think.

Quality: 5/5 
Full points for quality is rare on our radar. But these shoes are close to prefect with its woven intrecciato leathers and the rubber bottom sole that undoubtedly will lengthen the life of these precious shoes.

Purchase price: £940 (ouch) on in December. The mules come in a variety of colours, as well as in flats. The plain version of the mule was introduced for SS19, got a padded update for AW19 and eventually launched in this the iconic, woven intrecciato nappa leather. Shop the range below.

Sizing: Runs somewhat on the big side, the new Bottega shoes haven’t been that consistent in size. However, we found out that how your heel sits on an open toe shoe is as personal as your medical history. Some women love a fitted heel-to-heel look, while others need that extra half an inch in the back. Either way, I think we can all agree on that when the heel of the foot tips over the shoe, it’s somewhat the end of the world.

Conclusion: These shoes really embody the ‘New Bottega’ era for us, making this the shoe that you’ll wear for a longer time. We even feel tempted to call it a ‘collectable’. We love these with skirt, jeans, straight pants, you name it, but it’s definitely a fashion shoe for the ones in the know. If you already are an owner of many New Bottega mules, you might want to rethink if these really bring something new to your wardrobe, or are the simple versions are a choice with more milage.



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